Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in Hertford and online
with an instructor of over 30 years’ experience


“The greatest revelation is stillness.”


Beginners’ classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

NB Summer break 1 August – 8 September for all classes.

Monday morning workshops for all students on 5, 12, 19 August.  


What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi (sometimes written Tai Ji) historically is a system of self-defence developed from Chi Kung principles. “Self-defence” includes looking…

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Health Benefits

Tai Chi and Chi Kung work at all levels: strengthening the body; improving balance and co-ordination; calming the mind; developing focus and concentration…

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Chi Kung

Chi Kung practice is one of the oldest and highest forms of healing, next to meditation. It is used extensively in Chinese hospitals for patients to.…

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Relaxed and informal classes with a local experienced instructor.

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Staying well in the Autumn

Yin/Yang Balance in Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice

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