Corporate and Organisations

Workshops, Lectures and Courses

for Organisations and the Corporate World

Liz has run workshops, lectures and courses over the years for many different organisations, supporting and educating staff in stress management, healthy living  and improved quality of life and work performance, using the principles of Oriental philosophy and medicine.

Some of the companies and organisations have included:

Age UK; British Red Cross; Social Services Departments; Universities, Further Education colleges and schools;  Carers’ Support teams; Cancer support groups; Rotarians; Inner Wheel; Trefoil Guild; 

Roche; Glaxo/Smith/Kline; Napp Pharmaceuticals; Bank of San Francisco;

Living Well with Isabel - hospice and healthy living

Workshops, lectures and courses can be tailored to individual organisation’s requirements.  Material and approach can be adapted to suit the background and expertise of participants.  Subjects might include any of the following or variations on a theme:

  1.   Introductions to Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Mindfulness;

  2.   Stress Management;

  3.   Introduction to the principles of Oriental Philosophy: Yin/Yang, Five 

     Elements as models for effective functioning and understanding

     interactive behaviour;

  1.   Acupressure for First Aid;

  2.   Simple principles for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Sessions can be designed to be solely informative or participatory.

Fees will vary according to the package required, number of participants.

Please contact Liz to discuss requirements and feasibility.