Tai Chi in Hertford and Royston

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise, which can be practised at one's own level of fitness. It is, therefore, suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. It is an excellent way to maintain good health and relaxation. The principles and effects of Tai Chi can be applied to everyday life. It brings together aspects of meditation, oriental healing, self defence, dynamic movement and stress management.

Tai Chi is not a hybrid or contrived synthesis of the above mentioned arts, but embraces those qualities in its own right. It is considered a treasured Chinese national art. Based on the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of balance through change, it states that the universe is in constant dynamic motion and that to be fit and healthy, we mirror and harmonise with these natural energetic movements.

Tai Chi helps one to focus and develop concentration. Through relaxation, one is able to discover a deeper sense of one's own rhythm, balance and co-ordination. As a weight-bearing exercise, Tai Chi practice contributes to maintaining bone structure and may improve lack of stability. The execution of Tai Chi movements, unlike many forms of exercise, does not build up an oxygen debt in the body but regular practice can builds and strengthen the system at all levels.

The slow, simple movements of Tai Chi are easy enough for people who have not exercised for some time and challenging enough even for the fittest of people. For those who want more than physical movement, Tai Chi involves the concept of core stability and integration of body, mind and spirit.

Learning structure

Class formats follow the same basic structure each week. They start with Qigong and breathing exercises to calm and focus the mind and to develop energetic self-awareness. This is followed by warm-up exercises to relax the muscles, open the joints and prepare the body for the pattern of Tai Chi movements.

The main part of the class focuses on learning the Tai Chi form. This is a series of gentle, flowing movements that one learns gradually with plenty of repetition and individual help from the instructors. The form taught in the classes is the Yang style Long form. Beginners start by learning a short sequence based on the beginning of the Long Form. Once the student is familiar with the shortened version, it is an easy and natural progression on to the Long Form.

Practice of core principles and concepts of Tai Chi is included in each lesson. The class closes with breathing exercises.

DVDs are available as teaching aids for learning the form.

Development of learning

Step 1 - Short, circular routine, based on the beginning of the Yang style Long Form

Step 2 - Yang style Long Form Section 1 (Hertford classes) or Sifu John Ding’s         Foundation Form (Royston Improvers group)

Step 3 - Yang style Long Form

Step 4 - Yin/Yang Form

Step 5 - Qi / Spiral Form

There are no gradings in Tai Chi (as in some martial arts). Each individual works for her/himself. There are more advanced level classes as students progress. Opportunities are available to train on Workshops and Retreats with Master Ding and for senior students to learn weapon forms at the MDA centres in London.


Liz Welch is the main class instructor (see here for further information on her background, training and experience).

Liz was trained as an instructor personally by Sifu John Ding.

What is Tai Chi?

Class times


What is Tai Chi?

Learning Structure


Class Times

Beginners' Tai Chi Classes :

Tai Chi in Hertford - Monday afternoons

The Guide Hall, West Street, Hertford SG13 8EZ : 1.15 pm to 3.00 pm

Beginners are welcome to join the first hour of Qigong practice, pending the start of the next Tai Chi intake.  Please book in advance.

Summer Practice Classes: August 5 and 19 and September 2.  Times as above. Fees below.


Tai Chi Improvers' classes (Yang style Long Form):

Tai Chi in Hertford - Monday afternoons

The Guide Hall, West Street, Hertford SG13 8EZ : 1.15 pm to 3.00 pm

Tai Chi in Waterford (1 mile from Hertford) - Monday evenings 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Waterford Village Hall, 2 High Road, Waterford, Herts  SG14 2PR

Not suitable for beginners. 

Classes run every week, except Bank Holidays, unless otherwise advised.

Tai Chi in Royston - alternate Saturday mornings

Royston Complementary Health Centre

Beginners: 11.00 - 12.00

Improvers: 11.00 - 12.30 pm fortnightly.  

Please book through the Royston Complementary Health Centre


Hertford Tai Chi classes

1 hour Qigong class: £40 for 6 week introduction, then £28 per month or £7.50 per class.

1 3/4 hours Tai Chi:  £45 for 6 week introduction, then £34 per month

or £9.50 per class.

Summer Practice Classes: Qigong £5 / Tai Chi £7.50 per class

Royston Tai Chi classes

£55 for next course of 6 classes in advance or £10 per 90 minute class.

Private Tai Chi Tuition

One to one and small group tuition in Tai Chi Foundation Form, Long Form, Qigong and Principles and Concepts may be available upon request.

(1:1 £50 per hour, small groups £60 per hour, larger groups on request)

Summer term runs until 22nd July 2019.

Monday afternoon Practice Classes will run on August 5 and 19 and September 2.