10.00 – 11.00

10.00 – 11.45

The Guide Hall, West Street, Hertford, SG13 8EZ

Improvers’ Tai Chi and Chi Kung @ £9 per class

Intermediates’ Tai Chi Long Form @ £12 per class


10.30 – 11.30

Beginners Tai Chi

Guide Hall, West Street, Hertford @ £9

11.30 – 12.30

Beginners Tai Chi @ £9 per class

Methodist Church Hall, Ware Rd, Hertford


3.00 – 4.00

Zoom Chi Kung – Beginners welcome @ £8 per class



10.00 – 11.30

Zoom Intermediate Tai Chi – Yang style Long Form @ £10 per class



Tai Chi Fan Form workshops held occasionally with Bryan Nuttall.  Please enquire for next date.


In person classes are payable by cash on a pay as you go basis.
Zoom classes are payable by direct debit monthly in advance for as many classes as you plan to do.

Private Instruction

One to one and small group tuition in Tai Chi Foundation Form, Long Form, Qigong and Principles and Concepts may be available upon request.
Other tailored workshops can be offered: e.g. Acupressure for First Aid.

1:1 £50 per hour; small groups £60 per hour; please enquire for larger groups

For Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in Lancashire:

Learning Structure in Liz’s classes

Class formats follow a similar basic structure each week.

We start with warm-up exercises to relax the muscles, open the joints, focus the mind and awareness and prepare the body for the pattern of Tai Chi movements.

We follow this with Chi Kung practice, which includes a form of standing meditation and gentle, flowing movements, some co-ordinated with the breath, breathing to calm and focus the mind and to develop energetic self-awareness.

In Tai Chi classes, this is followed by focusing on learning the Tai Chi form. This is a series of gentle, flowing movements that one learns gradually with plenty of repetition and individual help from the instructor. The main form taught in the classes is the Yang style Long form. Beginners start by learning a short sequence based on the beginning of the Long Form. Once the student is familiar with the shortened version, there is a natural progression to the Long Form moves. The Long Form takes around 20 minutes to perform and a lifetime to learn!

Practice of core principles and concepts of Tai Chi is included in each lesson. Occasionally there is optional two person work to enable students to learn by feeling.

Liz also includes her knowledge of Chinese philosophy and medicine to explain the practice and methods of keeping healthy.

The class closes with breathing exercises.

Development of learning

Step 1 – Short, circular routine, based on the beginning of the Yang style Long Form
Step 2 – Yang style Long Form Section 1
Step 3 – Yang style Long Form – all 3 sections
Step 4 – Yin/Yang Form
Step 5 – Qi / Spiral Form

Each individual works for her/himself at their own pace.

Although Liz was trained in the martial arts applications, she no longer teaches them, other than for demonstration purposes. For anyone wishing to go into greater depth of martial applications, after integrating the principles of form practice, opportunities are available to train on Workshops and Retreats with Master Ding and for senior students to learn weapon forms at the MDA centres in London.

DVDs are available as teaching aids for learning the form.

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